BBC Bit Business Coin

Applied digital assets based on bitcoin technology

The BBC has improved on the basis of Bitcoin, overcoming the problems of traditional digital currency. Bit Business Coin technology has the technical competitiveness of Bitcoin in technology, and BBC has deepened its application properties through the expansion of blockchain application scenarios; Decentralization, encryption and decryption technology, blockchain technology, and consensus mechanism. These technologies support each other and become a whole through the consensus mechanism, realizing the BBC's unique security, open and traceable payment and transaction.

Commercial application value of Bit Business Coin BBC

Future blockchain quality digital assets will exceed $10 billion in market capitalization,The BBC is committed to building a global infrastructure for secure digital asset transactions,The commercial value of the BBC will reach its peak in its gradual application process!Therefore, based on the underlying technology of Bitcoin, we have built a complete application system of BBC, which will directly interface and apply directly to the future blockchain financial market.

Highlights of Bit Business Coin BBC

1. the BBC measures 3.6 billion, and will never issue additional shares. The phased release is conducive to long-term and steady development of the market.

2. Do not kidnap the principal, freedom of entry and exit, and the T+1 trading model is highly accepted.

3. As a third-party supervision platform, the trading platform has achieved fairness and fairness in a completely decentralized trading model. It does not finance non-financing, effectively avoids platform fund-raising transactions, and peer-to-peer transactions between buyers and sellers. 24 hours, 365 days without vacation. Day, to achieve risk control

4. There is no threshold for investment, and one BBC can participate in investment and financial management. The audience is wide and everyone can participate.

5. Register for free e-wallet, register for free trading platform, no fee

6. Online and offline promotion, the underlying technology supports future docking of various blockchain application scenarios, so that there is no geographical and time limit for circulation.

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Bit Business Coin BBC: True Blockchain Digital Assets

Measuring distribution, open source code, independent e-wallets, decentralization; true application-based digital assets based on Bitcoin technology.